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What We Do

Win your audience, grow your business.
It’s Klapads.

Video Advertising

We seamlessly infuse technology and expertise to provide ads with clickable links in every video content we plan to run. With all the potential of video advertising, videos ads are here to stay. They can get you great impressions and valuable traffic.

Programmatic advertising

Timing is very crucial in every ad campaign. Your ads should reach the right target audience on the right time. We help you achieve that. Our programmatic advertising has a progressive track record.

Affiliate Marketing

We’ve a network of channels we affiliate with for digital marketing. This would ensure you get maximum exposure and quality reach. Better sites increase the changes of visibility and profit gradually.

Push Notification

Customize push notifications and benefit from it. Connect with the accurate audience and loop in the effective ways to advertise.

Lead Genration

A good campaign will always lead to another. High quality ads will get attention, and it will boost lead generation. Let’s connect to discuss it further.

Pay Per Click

You can directly communicate with your leads and pay only for those ads that are clicked. Highly recommendable and effective way to market the products/services digitally.